Essay, Macro & Micro economics

You need to write a brief summary and opinion piece on (Gneezy, U., Stephan Meier, and Pedro Rey-Biel. 2011. When and Why Incentives (Dont) Work to Modify Behavior. Journal of Economic Perspectives, Volume 25(4):191210.)

It must be typed, two-pages, double-spaced with a 12 point font. You must summarize the main points and clearly state your reactions to the reading. Your grade will be based on organization and clarity of your arguments. Any suspected violations of academic integrity, e.g., plagiarism, will be taken seriously and may result in a minimum of a zero on the assignment and a possible XE grade for the course which denotes failure due to academic dishonesty.

I am not taking micro and macro it is economics 475 capstone.

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