Essay, Finance and Accounting

Critically analyse whether the current requirements of IAS 7 Statement of Cash Flows meet the needs of users of financial statements.

When writing your assignment you are advised to consider the following questions:
1.What are the principal requirements of IAS 7?
2.What user needs is IAS 7 addressing?
3.What areas of IAS 7 are perceived to be deficient?
4.Would, and how would, the changes being discussed better meet user needs?

I am not looking for a verbatim repeat of the requirements of IAS 7, but your analysis of the key requirements. In discussing user needs you will need to consider whether and how IAS 7 enhances the other primary financial statements. In discussing the current debate on IAS 7 you should be showing familiarity with recent high level professional discussion. You should conclude by coming to a conclusion as to whether and how proposed changes improve financial reporting.

instructions about the sources will be uploaded later.

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