Essay, Journalism, mass media and communication Proliferation in drug advertisement.

Drug companies are reaching out more than ever to convince audiences of the benefits of their products. Money spent on direct-to-consumer advertising by drug companies is in a very steep acceleration. In 1997, drug companies spent $1.3 billion, whereas, in 2012, the amount was $27 billion. Part of this is due to a relaxation in the restrictions governing drug advertising between those years. But a large part of the increase is a different approach drug companies have taken when advertising their products.
If you watch the NFL games on TV, you probably wonder if there are any advertisements OTHER THAN ones for erectile dysfunction.
For this 5-page paper (with three CITED scholarly sources at least), you are to examine this proliferation in drug advertisement. Critics say this leads people to self-diagnose, hearing of the symptoms and then of the benefits of the wonder drug. Patients arrive at doctors offices with a drug already in mind, and that doesn’t leave the doctor room for prescriptions based on individualized care. You may use the cultivation theory to help explain the reasons behind this increase. On the other hand, a person may initiate a visit to the doctor after hearing on the TV ad or reading in the magazine ad some symptoms that he/she may be having, and so will seek out medical help. The cognitive development theory may help to explain this.
(The text deals with this, briefly. It cites two scholarly references you may read to begin this paper).
This online paper gives you some good sources at the end, too. sheets/2013/11/11/persuading-the-prescribers-pharmaceutical-industry- marketing-and-its-influence-on-physicians-and-patients.

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