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Review the \”Acid-Base Case Study\” resource. Respond to the following questions in an essay of 1,150-1,250 words.
1. Research and fill in the normal values for the table. Include the table in your essay. COMPLETED IN TABLE ***Table is included, contains accurate researched normal levels, and is presented efficiently within essay.
2. What type of acid-base disturbance is Mr. Davis suffering from and why? METABOLIC ACIDOSIS ***Type of acid-base disturbance is assessed. Reasoning is clearly supported and relates directly to case study.
3. What role does excessive alcohol consumption play in metabolic acidosis? ***Role of alcohol consumption is effectively explained and relates directly to case study.
4. What type of fluid or electrolyte imbalances does Mr. Davis have and why? HYPERCALEMIA; HYPERKALEMIA; HYPERCHLOREMIA and HYPOGLYCEMIA ***Type of imbalance is determined. Reasoning is clearly supported and relates directly to case study.
5. Calculate the anion gap (19). Is it high or normal? Why is it high or normal? What information does the anion gap give the provider? ***Anion gap level is evaluated. Its significance is identified and relates directly to case study.
6. Are Mr. Davis\’ respiratory and renal systems attempting to compensate for his acid-base disturbance? If so, how are they compensating and what evidence do you have that they are compensating? ***Performance of systems and their relation to acid-base disturbance are successfully interpreted and relate directly to case study.
7. Explain the rationale for the low glucose (hypoglycemia) level and high urine ketones. ***Rationale for levels is explained clearly and relates directly to case study.
8. Is the protein level seen in the UA abnormal? Provide a rationale. How do the findings relate to Mr. Davis? ***Level is thoroughly examined. Assessment is supported and relates directly to case study.
9. What is going on with Mr. David? DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS WITH SLIGHT ACUTE END STAGE RENAL DISEASE?? ***Thoroughly examined all information. Reasoning is clearly supported and relates directly to case study results.

PLEASE answer all questions with accurate information. Use numbers to the question per paragraph as subtitles. Red highlights are some answers to the questions. Yellow highlights are the rubics grading scale.

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