Quality management and performance improvements and evidence based in Healthcare

Answer the 3 questions below. It must be clear and to the point answers. Remember it MUST BE very CLEAR.

Please answer these questions as the new hospital administrator, joining the hospital three months after the incident:
*You can add your own experience
*Special outcomes as a leader
* Interject your thoughts as a new hospital administrator,
*Wait time for patients
I would upload a file for you to read from. Please FOLLOW all instructions
*Proper Grammar a must.

1): What would you do to join the improvement effort?

2) What are the top five attributes of quality you are seeking to foster?

3) What four other suggestions would you offer for improvement and why?

Now you can do alittle research on your own but put it in your own words. Remember your answers must relate to the topic \” Quality management and performance improvements and evidence based in Healthcare\”

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