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Self-reflection is usually a brief writing piece which is evidence of reflective thinking. In reflective writing you will describe an experience and how it has changed you or helped you grow. Reflective pieces can be written about an event (something that happened or it could be about an idea or concept). During reflective writing you should analyze the event or idea, think in depth from different perspectives and what it means to you and your ongoing progress as a life-long learner. During your pharmacy education you will will be given opportunities to reflect on your knowledge, skills, abilities, beliefs, biases and emotions. When you describe your experience, your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to an experience and the future impact you may have due to the experience will help you develop personally and professionally.

Please follow the following format when submitting your reflective writing piece:
Typed word document, use 12 point Times Roman font, 1 margins, double spaced.
Include your name, title of the reflective piece and reference (if needed)
Free of spelling mistakes
Stick to the word limit provided.
Be honest when you are asked to evaluate yourself, an event, or an experience
The reflective writing piece should be structured writing and should include three parts:
Description: Describe what happened or what you did or what is being examined? What was the purpose or intention?
Interpretation: What is important or interesting or useful about the event, experience or an idea. What is the impact of the experience on my life personally and professionally? How is it similar or different from others?
Outcome: What have I learned from this? What does this mean for my future? What are some of the learning points? What are some areas of improvement for me?

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