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Select a social issue such as: impact of, or reasons for, incidence of HIV infection, women and work, youth violence, substance abuse, divorce in the United States, homelessness, poverty, or ethnic identity. Some examples might be: cultural patterns that students bring with them into the classroom that impact their ethnic identity and how they can be successfully integrated into the culture of the school; understanding the patterns of illegal drug use in particular regions or areas and how this may impact individuals and communities; social, cultural, and psychological reasons for youth violence in particular areas of the country or world; social, psychological, and cultural impact of youth violence on communities.
Use psychological, sociological, and anthropological perspectives to analyze the issue, either the reasons giving rise to the issues or its impact on individuals and society. Address the following four points:
1. From a psychological perspective, describe either its development or impact.
2 .From a sociological perspective, discuss the social structures, institutions, and processes that affect either its development or impact.
3. From an anthropological perspective, discuss how culture may influence either the development or impact.
4. Formulate an integrated interdisciplinary understanding of the development or impact that incorporates the sociological, psychological, and anthropological perspectives.

Word count must be at least 1250 words not including the references.

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