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Directions Answer all 10 questions. Be sure to define the terms and concepts you are using. Be as detailed as possible in your answer; as long as you are answering the question correctly, more length tends to indicate more effort and so tends to be rewarded. That being said, some of the questions below lend themselves to more detailed answers than others; be sure to be as detailed as you can, feel free be creative if necessary. In other words, show me that you are learning something and also putting in superlative effort. You can use class information when defining concepts; but all theories, examples, and applications that you utilize must NOT have been discussed in class; I want to see independent ability to apply the terms and concepts we are covering.

Choose a topic for a proposed social science research study and come up with a research question.
Come up with a midrange theory. Start with a 2 variable theory. State your theory as an if-then hypothesis.
Add a third variable to your theory.
Which variables are independent and dependent?
Create at least 3 scope conditions for your theory.
Using the ASU library database portal, find at least one peer-reviewed source that you could include in your literature review. Cite the source using Chicago Manual of Style or APA format.
How would you design a study that would either lend support or not to your hypothesis?
In your study, how would the variables be operationalized?
What do you hypothesize will be the relations and correlations between the variables in your study? How much variance in the dependent variable do you think will be explained by the independent variables?
Propose some spurious interactions that might occur among the variables in your hypothesis and other variables outside of your proposed hypothesis

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