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Project description

Write (use 200 words for each discussion questions) for discussion questions, and summary what you think about each question, please have example in the paper for each discussions questions. Also please have the questions in Bold on the paper and then put the information up under it. Please use (8) references from (2015-2016) in the paper and on the reference page.

Paper must be 100% plagiarism free, write with your own words.

This paper must have a strong introduction with a conclusion. Must be 100% plagiarism free (must be written in your own words). I will upload the Plagiarism report to you, must be at 0%.

Support your discussion with (8) scholarly references ONLY

(1)It is important that there be clarity in the use of terms used to describe organizations and organizational structures. (2)How would you differentiate a transnational or multinational organization from a global organization? Please provide three examples here.
(3)When making a decision to expand an organization, what are the first criteria you would use to determine whether to expand? Please provide some steps here.(4) Why?

(5)What are the most immediate areas of risk involved in global expansion? (6) What is the advantage and disadvantage?

References must be on the topic
Each discussion questions must have 200 plus words without the references

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