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This paper is a self reflection of a situation within my place. It must be between 2 and 3 pages and is a Macro Social Work course. The issue I would like to discuss: Not having a voice because of my job title. My place of employment is an adolescent inpatient drug rehab \”Hope House Inc\” of Albany NY. I would like to use their mission statement as a basis which helps identify their goal is to help individuals improve their life.
As an associate evening counselor I do groups and guide the residents in completing chores, homework and facilitate groups. There are times when I also complete individual counseling if they are struggling with issues such as relapsing, confrontation or self esteem. The evening and weekend shifts is usually when the residents behave more freely because the main staff has left for the day.
I personally is good at studying and identifying individuals behaviors and usually can predict problems before they arise. A few occasions I have noted in the shif logged my concerns for certain individuals to find out later that the day staff which consist of LMSW, Psychologist, RN and Family Therapist have not read or took action for that individual. This had happened on more than one occasion which defistated my team effort as a counselor with in the program. It took until a 2nd incident happening that only then each shift had to respond to the previous shift notes.
I had to seek self assurance within myself that I was capable of the responsibilities of ensuring the saftey and welfare of our residents. The 2nd incident was really severe and distraught mentally for me because I was accused of not doing what I did do. This incident would not have been even recognized if I didn\’t call a daytime worker that respect my observations of our residents.
I had to reflect on what I learned in school and also became aware that the superiority sometimes lead by individuals ego and forget that we are a team. This issue lead me back to school obtaining my LMSW which will aid in giving me stonger voice for those that don\’t have one.
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