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Article synthesis – 25% (due: October 3, 2016)
Each student will prepare and write up a short synthesis of an article already discussed in the course. Ill say more about this assignment, and its evaluation criteria, in our second meeting. Late synthesis assignments will be accepted with a penalty of 5% deduction in grade per day late, except in case of documented emergency.

There are three steps to the article synthesis assignment:

1.Select an article you have already read in the course. Id suggest that to choose yours, you:
(a) Decide on a question or theme (from the course) that youd like to explore more.
(b) Choose an article that deepens your understanding of your chosen question or theme, and helps you answer your question.

2.Use a maximum of 5-7 pages (double-spaced) to:
(a)Frame the question or theme that this article helps you to answer, and say whats new or important about this question or theme.
(b)Offer a brief summary of the article.
(c)Say what the article adds to your understanding of (a).
(d)Comment on how useful you found the article to explore the general themes of the course.

3.Hand in your assignment by 4 pm into my dropbox on October 3, 2016.
Instruction files

meanings_of_citizenship_in_latin_america.pdf(317,19 KiB)
citizenship-2.docx(20,90 KiB)
idsc17h3_article_synthesis_assignment_guidelines_-2.docx(79,85 KiB)
idsc17_september_19_2016.ppt(660,50 KiB)

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