Assignment, Finance and Accounting

1.Review the Managements Discussion and Review (MDR), aka the Managements Discussion and Analysis (MDA) section, which can be obtained from the SEC 10-K reports. Develop pro-forma financial statements for your company (GrubHub Inc.) vs. competitor (YUM! Brand Foods) for the next 5 years. Pro-forma financial statements require us to make conservative assumptions about future growth; as such, your discussion must justify and support any assumptions you have made in developing the pro-formas.
2.Discuss current strategies used by the company/competitor and any relevant future investments required to support the business unit (s) strategies) to achieve higher ROI and market position.
3.Perform a ratio analysis on the two pro-forma financial statements you\’ve developed (GrubHub and YUM! Brand Foods), and provide a discussion regarding future profitability and competitive performance as well as any significant changes you observe. To successfully complete this assignment, please show all ratio analysis calculations.
**I have attached Financial Analysis and Proposal – Part 1 (see attached), as it may be helpful to you in completing Part 2.

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