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IuldI Task 4 Research your chosen breed Shiz Shui
a) Identify and discuss the breed specific behaviors and needs, inherited instincts and breed characteristics
b) Describe and evaluate some ideas of how best these can be met in a domestic environment

I don\’t feel that you have looked at this from a behavioural point of view. Split the task down in to a) & b). What are the typical behaviors, traits and characteristics of this breed and why would that be? I would advise that you talk to some shih tzu owners to give you more of an insight, specific breed pages on social media could be a good starting point.

Then think about what you have learnt from the above and describe how an average pet person can meet the dogs needs with in a domestic environment. For example would this breed benefit from a particular sport or is there any particular training that should be done to minimize the occurrence of behavior problems?

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