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Paper #3: Schoenberg and Pierrot Lunaire

In this paper, please discuss how the music of Schoenberg can be considered an example of serious contemporary art-music as described at length by Milton Babbitt in his essay, Who Cares if You Listen? Your paper should answer the following questions:

What aspects of Pierrot Lunaire may have been jarring for the listener and difficult to understand upon first listening? (Relate what you hear in the music to Babbitts background information)
include discussion on aspects of Expressionism: Sprechstimme, Atonality, other methods for expression of emotions through music and text
How did audiences receive Schoenbergs music?
How, if at all, did the audience critiques and opinions affect Schoenberg?

In order to effectively answer the questions listed above and support your argument, you must use quotations from, and make specific references to the available texts. Available resources from class materials that will help answer the above questions are as follows:

Assigned readings from Alex Ross, The Rest is Noise (see syllabus for page numbers)
Weiss & Taruskin Reading #128 (available on Blackboard)
German to English Translation of text (available on Blackboard)
Recommended Recordings of Pierrot Lunaire (link on Blackboard)

This paper should be typed, double-spaced with 12-point font and one-inch margins. The minimum length is 2 full pages; the maximum length is 4 pages. There should be an introduction with a clear thesis, organized and cohesive body paragraphs with strong supporting evidence and appropriate quotes and references from the texts, ending with a convincing conclusion. You may cite your sources but I do not require it for this paper.

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