Using a testbed for addressing the challenges of web Intrusion Detection System evaluations

I am attaching you the details of my two chapters both in word documents and the pdfs which contain my supervisor feedback. In addition to that I am including you the txt files which contain additional information on what my supervisor expects from these two chapters. My supervisor and I agreed to follow the literature that I am using in these two chapters. You will also find a word document which contains the list of the references for my masters dissertation. The parts that he is not commenting means that they are ok so no change is required there. Basically someone needs to go back to the attached literature and try to rewrite parts of chapter 3 and 5 as the others parts are fine. I would be grateful if I could speak with you on the phone or via email ********** or **********. please note that chapter 5 is dependent with the chapter 3. I am attaching you all the pdf papers that I need to focus on for these two chapters.

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