Essay, Philosophy

Debate: Is the unexamined life worth living? Or, is the moral life the Good Life?

Read: Al Gore, Our Purpose, pp. 111-118. Moral obligation; do the right/just thing

To succeed on you must:
1.Briefly define the examined life according to Socrates in Apology.
2.Take a side and state your position/thesis/conclusion; specify the good life as the criterion for your evaluation.
3.Make at least one argument for your position supported by a real life experience.
4.Make at least one argument against your oppositions best critique of your position.
5.Make use of arguments presented in the assigned readings.
6.Make use of Al Gores Nobel Peace Prize Lecture or the film An Inconvenient Truth in your argument.
7.Incorporate rhetorical content from Platos Allegory of the Cave.

Examined Life: There is a given moral order; Moral obligation; do the right/just thing
Unexamined Life: There is no given moral order.Personal interest; play to win

How to Make an Argument in this debate: Suggested strategies
1.Support an argument made in one of the assigned readings by offering your experience as evidence for its truth.
2.Attack an argument made in one of the assigned readings by offering your experience as a counter-example revealing its falsity.
3.Construct an original analogy that reveals something positive or negative about the examined or the unexamined life.
4.Offer an original thought experiment, or build one offered in the reading, to make your case.
5.Do not make an argument based on an appeal to authority, sacred text, or any material other than that which has been assigned in this class.

Do not fall into the trap of WFTT, use free-writing, and review debating: Greening Philosophy, pp. 20 26.

Please use the \”real life example\” from youtube video called \”This is what we die for: Child labour in the DRC cobalt mines\” (link:
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