Genetics Problems

Homework Assignment Instructions: Here are three genetics problems. Answer the listed questions and explain how you got your answers. To help with the questions or if needed, read the attached document (Biology-chapter 8, Pattern of Inheritance & Mendel\’s Experiments).

1. In humans, the allele for albinism is recessive to the allele fornormal skin pigmentation.

a. What is the probability that a child of a heterozygous mother and father will be an albino?

b. If a child is normal, wha tis the probability that it is a carrier of the recessive albino allele?

2. In certain pea plants, the allele T for tallness is dominant over t for shortness.

a. If a homozygous tall and a homozygous short plant are crossed, what will be the phenotypes and genotypes of the offspring?

b. If both individuals are heterozygous, what will be the phenotypic and genotypic ratios of the offspring?

3. Color blindness is an X-Linked trait. A color-blind woman married aman with normal vision. They have ten children; six boys and four girls.

a. How many are expected to benon-color blind?

b. How many are expected to be color blind?

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