Essay, Physics (including Earth and space sciences

Refer to your DRAFT Hypothesis and Design. Review the Scientific Method Tutorial (all six parts) found in Science Learning Center in Course Resources in the Course Content area of our electronic LEO classroom. Did you apply these concepts to your process? Some questions to consider are below, others can be found in your review of the Scientific Method Tutorial. The main goal for this task is for you to recast your DRAFT into a final high quality document. The questions below are meant to help you identify items that may need further revision.

Is your hypothesis testable? Can it provide predictions that are testable? Can it potentially be shown to be false by further observations or experimentation? Was your experiment designed to disprove your hypothesis?

What are the variables in your experiment? How many variables are there? Have you controlled for all of these influences?

Are there practical limits for the experiment? Are there variables for which you cannot control?

If you did this experiment, what do you think the results would be? Why do you think this?

In your conclusions, did you avoid using language such as the experiment proved the hypothesis.


Conduct informational research on the topic. Summarize the results of this literature search and include references.

Can you find experiments that have been conducted that have an experimental design similar to yours?

If possible, conduct the experiment or some part of the experiment. Collect preliminary data. (Optional, Not Required)

Submit this final assignment as a document to the Assignments Folder. The submission should demonstrate that you have addressed all questions and reflections posed to you in all parts of this project and should at least include:

a personally relevant interesting question, with a discussion as to why the question is meaningful to you. . The question should have at least one connection, clearly identified, to a physical science concept.

a properly formed hypothesis

an experimental design, with discussions of testability, variables, controls, and limitations

suggestions of what the data might look like if the experiment was conducted

conclusions based upon these potential data results

Results of a search of the literature

*****Will attach the lab I have made. I need a summary in essay form and all the questions above answered. If you would like my log in information please let me know!*****
Instruction files

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