Essay, Psychology

I would like you to experience what it is like for people (particularly the elderly) to lose some of their sensory ability. Be careful of the things you do while doing this exercise as your senses will not be as sharp as they normally are. Do not engage in activities that put you or others at risk (e.g., driving).

To alter your senses: Hearing Place cotton balls in your ears to muffle sounds. Vision Place translucent plastic over the goggles (or glasses if you wear them) and secure with rubber bands or tape. Or look through a piece of translucent plastic. Touch Put on rubber or thin material gloves.

You can do one sense at a time if you are alone so that you have your other senses to help you. If you have a helper, do all the senses at the same time to get a perspective of what it is like to be elderly.

Try some everyday activities like reading or watching TV. Try picking up eating utensils with the gloves on.

The assignment is to describe what the experience is like. What are your thoughts about your senses being altered? What are some of your feelings about it?

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