Essay, Political Science

Directions: With as much detail as reasonable, and while using and citing outside resources correctly and as appropriate, answer the following 5 questions.
1)Find an ethnographic study, cite it, and explain it in some detail. Then criticize it using the lens of mid range theory.
2)Find me a unique internet/social media example of a quasi-experimental methods social experiment similar to the car-break in video showed in class. How could the experiment been improved and made more scientific. Did location and/or timing make a difference? Was the sample chosen representative of the general population or was there selection on the dependent variable?
3)Find me a unique internet/social media interview trying to make a point about society. Provide an analysis of whether proper interview techniques were used or if the questions were leading, biased, etc. Did location and timing make a difference? How could the experiment been improved and made more scientific.
4)Find me an example of a poorly constructed survey that was designed to support a preconceived political or social opinion passed off as real science. Critique it from the perspective of a social scientist. How could the survey been made more scientific?
Find me a scientifically sound survey regarding the same or similar subject that you addressed in question 4

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