“Ethics” Please respond to the following:

Using the cardinal rules of medical ethics as a base, design a policy that you would implement as an administrator of a health care organization(s) for both public health and health services. Discuss any differences in your policy and rationale.
Prioritize the major impediments to quality health services and discuss the possible solutions for the first two, along with ethical implications.

“The Future” Please respond to the following:

America is faced with many challenges in the area of health care. Determine what you deem to be the most challenging issues (ranking at least three of them) and speculate whether or not you think America will be able to tackle that challenge by the year 2020. Elaborate on your thinking.
Consider the health care system in America and compare this system to the health care system of another country (provide a high-level view). Determine the biggest disparity between the two and state which one you deem to be more effective with supporting rationale.

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