the cognitive processes required when preparing for examinations

Preparing for exams is not just last minute revision. Preparing for exams starts the first day of class and continues throughout the semester. Using materials from lectures 1 (perception), 2 (attention) and 3 (memory), describe the processes used when learning materials for exams. How would a psychologist explain how we perceive new things, focus our attention where needed and commit our learning to memory?
This could include any/ all of the following:
– The processes of perception and attention that you need during lectures
– The processes used when studying on your own, such as staying focused on your work when you would prefer to do other things.
– Psychological theories of memory that can help you remember facts, theories and research findings.
Try to identify how the processes you describe relate to each other.
Try to include relevant information ( a part from memory, perception and attention) that helps answer the question e.g. Research on mnemonics and theories of forgetting.
Please try to use sources such as:
Albery, I. P. et al. (2008) Complete Psychology. London: Hodder.
Schacter, D. et al (2012) Psychology : European Edition. Palgrave Macmillan
Any introductory to psychology textbooks with sections such as: Attention, vision, memory, perception, language and thought

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