ethics paper

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Each student will prepare a relatively short paper (5 pages) on a topic relating to ethics.  Examples of appropriate topics include personal ethics, organizational influences on ethics, profession-based ethics, legal influences (particularly recent legislation), and corporate governance.  Students should attempt to develop a personal scenario that they are likely to confront in their chosen work life then prepare an approach to deal with the scenario.  The Ethics Paper will be due Tuesday, March 18, 2013.

A sample outline for this ethics paper might be similar to the one below.  Students may select from one of two approaches for doing the ethics paper.  The instructor would prefer that students attempt to provide a personal example of an ethical situation that they have faced or are likely to face in their chosen work.  If this approach is selected, the following outline would seem appropriate.
The situation
What happened (or anticipated outcomes if using a “likely” situation)
What you should have done (or should do)
Which of the theories apply in this situation (or do you use) to guide the decision making?  See the text Chapter 5, page 99 and following in 3rd edition.
Summary or conclusions

The alternative approach is to do a more traditional term paper.  This should be on a relatively focused topic relating to business ethics, personal or organizational.  Several appropriate topics are included above.