Philosophical dialoque in the manner of plato or Denis Diderot

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Pick at least two or three characters for the dialogue. These characters must disagree about some question of interest. For example, Sam believes that it should be illegal to own a pitbull, while Nancy believes that the problem lies with the owners, rather than the breed of dogs.
The dialogue should briefly characterize the participants, so they’re more than just a name attached to the arguments. Eg, Nancy is a pit bull breeder, while Sam owns a toy poodle. Also indicates how these characters meet, eg. two old friends from school or strangers at a doctor’s office.
In the dialogue, each character should state his/her own position and should also question and challenge the position of the other character or characters. The dialogue does not have to come to a decision.
The format may be simple dialogue (as in Plato’s Euthyphro), dialogue with brief stage directions, or dialogue with brief narrative passages (as in Diderot”s Conversation of a father with his children). The dialogue does not have to have a single thesis, rather the differing positions of the characters each will be a thesis.
The dialogue will be judged on the clarity and interest of the point of disagreement and the skill of argumentation, as well as on the characterization of the participants in the discussion, and with proper grammar and mechanics. Dialogue should be between 1250-1500 words, typed and doubled-space on one side of the page. Choose a title carefully that will suggest the main ideas of the dialogue.