Ethnic restaurants and/or ethnic markets in America, specifically in Philadelphia.

Required length: 5 pages not including the Works Cited

This assignment requires to use the ideas from the readings to develop a research project on the contributions of certain ethnic restaurants and/or ethnic markets in America, specifically in Philadelphia. The purpose is to devise an argument about chosen subject and to support the argument, using various sources. You must include direct citations from at least one course reading and at least five (5) sources from the library databases.(Academic sources) In the essay, you should formulate a clear and focused thesis and provide a detailed account of your evidence.
(I will attach 2 sources)

As part of ethnic culture themselves, ethnic restaurants and food have made various cultural contributions in American society. In I’ll Take Chop Suey: Restaurants as Agents of Culinary and Cultural Change, Samantha Barbas illustrates, particularly using Chinese restaurants and food, that historically ethnic restaurants have played a major role in cultural and culinary crossing. She notes that although Chinese restaurants did little to eradicate racism, they made it possible for Americans to cross cultural and culinary boundaries (682-683).

Choose a food community (Chinese), and develop an argument about the contributions that ethnic restaurants and/or food markets have made to the ethnic community. In what ways have the ethnic restaurants and markets made the life of the ethnic population better? How does the market enable cultural and culinary crossings? How does it bridge cultural gaps between peoples? How have they contributed to the economy of the ethnic community? How do they help the community to recreate their distinct culture?
Example:Ethnic food markets can offer Americans in cities such as Philadelphia many benefits such as access to less expensive, healthier food with fewer additives, as well as intercultural interactions and authentic experiences.

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