Evaluate the effectiveness of the existing marketing mix, (elements of the 4 P’s).

Purposes: Apply learning regarding integrated marketing communications and the marketing mix to analyze the current marketing used by a company to market a product or service. Your responsibility will be to identify a weakness or gap and then to pitch the client on the proposed change(s). Additionally, to gain experience by creating a storyboard (via power-point), that reflects the proposed change(s).

Select a current product or service (not an industry, group of products, or a product line or you will have missed the point of this assignment) with which you are familiar, and pitch a new Integrated Marketing Communications or Marketing Mix Plan to your client who is the marketer/producer of the product. Do not pick a company like Apple, Disney, Coca-Cola or PepsiCo that are superb marketers because you need to find a weakness in what the company does.

Review what the marketing mix is currently (including communications channels used) and report on your findings. Be sure to show some of the materials and messages found through your research so that the audience can follow your reasoning

Evaluate the effectiveness of the existing marketing mix, (elements of the 4 P’s), and then

Come up with a new marketing mix strategy for the product/service based on the weakness(es) you found and recommend the changes to “your client” in this presentation.

Identify the product’s current positioning strategy and discuss whether or not to change that strategy based upon your recommendation(s). If a change in the positioning strategy is warranted, please offer a new one. Be sure you have justification for your recommendations.

If you cannot find what the company/brand does for the product, pick another one! Be sure to find marketing collateral and/or ads or commercials to demonstrate your analysis. Look, too, for business analysts’ reviews, news stories, and case studies. Include them as links and discuss your analysis of them.

As usual, demonstrate your marketing/marketing management learning by defining and discussing the relevance of terms and concepts with supporting expert opinion or comments.

Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of 8 to 10 slides that include the following components:

-Identifies any considerations you will need to use to build and maintain the brand and customer loyalty.
-Evaluate the target audience’s use of and belief in the distribution channels and/or communications channels used.

Be sure you include APA-formatted citations (in the Notes Section will be fine) and a References Page properly formatted in font that is legible. Use Notes pages to explain slides.

***I will include (via attachment) the grading rubric for this assignment. This should help capture everything that is required.***

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