Examine how landscapes are portrayed in William Wordsworth’s poetry.

The paper should examine how landscapes are portrayed in William Wordsworth’s poetry. The landscapes in his poems are picturesquely descriptive and often this prohibits the reader from understanding the function of landscapes. Even though Wordsworth is popularly known as the high priest of nature, his poems do a lot more than just appreciate the beauty of nature. He pitches the mystical world into the real mechanised world and thereby makes some sort of a social commentary against the vulgarities of industrialisation. Closely read some of his poems and establish that the meaning of natural landscape is opposed to the constructive landscape in the city. The function and framework of landscapes in Wordsworth’s poetry can be identified by metaphorizing the moment and understanding the mystique surrounding human life through the images and symbols in his poetry.The paper should follow MLA 7th edition and the citations made should be available for reference

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