Experiential Reflective Essay #1: Technology

Experiential Reflective Essay #1: Technology ReflectionMonitor your media, technology, and social media usage the first three weeks of class.Use media and technology as you normally would. However, be conscious and aware now of your use of media and technology. Use the following instructions and questions to document your experiences during this time period.Your usage of media and technological devices:Be aware of the following:Frequency of cell phone useVolume of text messages per day / time spent textingTime spent on facebook, twitter, youtube and other social networking sitesTime spent watching tv/movies/listening to music and radioTime spent on phones, tablets, computers surfing the web out of boredom (Is it boredom?)Consider these questions:How do you feel at the end of your days?Do you experience stress or anxiety as a result of your media usage?Do you feel distracted? Do you feel productive?Do you feel connected? To whom?Do you feel disconnected? From whom?Are you happy? Are you frustrated? Stimulated? Depressed?Do you experience cycles related to social media and technology use?Others usage of media and technological devices:Be cognizant of the ways in which your peers use/utilize media.In general, how big of a role does media and technology play in the lives of those around you?Make observations about people you are not personally close to.Make observations about people with whom you are personally close to (friends,roommates, teammates, boyfriend/girlfriend, co-workers, family members, etc.).How do media and technology impact your interaction and conversations with other people?Written assignment:1. Journal: Keep a journal in a notebook (not a computer). There is no set number of entries. Organize, use and arrange the journal / entries in a way that makes sense to you. Snap a few pictures of your journal entries to turn in with your essay.2. Essay: Write an essay that analyzes and summarizes your media and technology use in response to the above prompts. Your essay should be about 3 pages in length, 12 pt. Times New Roman font or equivalent, double-spaced with one-inch margins.

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