Self Assessment

Self Assessment 2:Your 1-page write-up should answer the following questions from the 3 areas below. If you would like, you can simply copy and paste your assessment results at the end of your write-up.1. What did you learn about yourself from the self-assessment? Were you surprised at the results? Do you agree with them? Why or why not? Based on what you have learned from the assessment, is there any changes you would like to make? If so, explain how you might accomplish your goals.2. Think about how your results (e.g. score or style) might compare to others’ assessment results. Summarize some differences that would likely exist between those who would score differently than you on this assessment. For example, if someone has the opposite decision-making style than you (or received a different score than you did on the conflict-management assessment), how might they behave differently? How can you effectively interact with others who would have different scores than you on this assessment?3. Give a real-life example of how you have personally experienced the effects (of the issues addressed in the self-assessment) of these differences. If you cannot think of a personal experience, how have you observed the effects in other people’s interactions? Please explicitly list the style or issue from the self assessment that you are illustrating. How have or could these issues affect you in your job?I have included 2 attachments. One is the self assessment that i completed and the other is a text book information that may assist you in writing the paper.Thank you.

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