Experimentally evaluate two different designs of a product, and analyze the data from the experiment.

Assignment instruction:
This assignment is to experimentally evaluate two different designs of a product, and analyze the data from the experiment.

1. Choose two existing designs (ergonomic designs) of a product (any product having its own functions) (chairs, computers, phones, calculators, staplers, mouse, keyboard, etc.). and identify one design feature for comparison (e.g. chair with/without lumbar support, 5cm/10cm thickness of lumbar support, pin/pattern recognition of smartphone, etc.) *Provide photos of two designs of the product you chose. Explain why the design feature of the product is important to users or humans in terms of user performance and satisfaction (Less than 100 words)
2. Conduct an experiment with two designs (Measure both performance and satisfaction. For satisfaction measure, you need to use a questionnaire). Include a typical task with the product. At least 5 subjects for each trial should be used. Describe, subjects, procedure, and methods. (Less than 150 words)
3. Provide statistical analysis (Mean, standard deviation, t-Test)
4. Discuss the results (Less than 200 words). Interpret the results, findings, and weakness.

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