Explain how levels of research design could be applied to Nike case.

Word count: you should discuss the questions in no more or less than the number of words mentioned for each question (plus or minus 10%).
Referencing: You must acknowledge all your sources of information using full Harvard Style Referencing (in-text referencing plus list of references at the end). Use E-library: to get journal articles on the topic (Emerald, EBSCO…). Use at least 2 articles.
Plagiarism: Remember that you should work the information from references into your own original thoughts and INTO YOUR OWN WORDS. Plagiarism will lead to a significant loss of marks. Extensive plagiarism could mean that you failed your TMA. (Refer to AOU definitions of cheating and plagiarism at the end of this document)
Essay guidance: Your response to each question should take the form of a full essay format. Avoid using subheadings and bullet points. Use BE300 textbook, slides, case study and E-Library. Plan what you will write, and have a well-organized outline.
Using PT3 form: When you have completed your TMA, you must fill in the assignment form (PT3) posted on your moodle account, taking care to fill all information correctly.
Turnit-in upload: A soft copy of your TMA and PT3 form should be uploaded to Turnit-in via the link posted on your moodle account, within the cut-off date.
This TMA is 20% of BE300 Grade.

For textbook: refer to chapters 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7

First Question: (40 marks-400 words)
In 2008, Nike spent an enormous amount of money more than a billion of dollars on marketing activities including marketing research and promotional activities. Nike is moving from one product to the other, from designing the traditional football shoes to athletic shoes. However, recently entered that field after Sketchers, Nike wants to increase its share of athletic shoes. Nike needs to understand who wears athletic shoes and how it is used and when it is used. Moreover, Nike wants to know what differentiate other athletic shoes in the market.
Explain how levels of research design could be applied to Nike case. (10 marks)
The problem is approached through three main researches; exploratory, descriptive and causal or explanatory. (15 marks)
Explain the differences between each of these types. Give examples on each type to support your answer.
Suggest the most appropriate type of research that fit Nike case.
Quantitative and qualitative data could help in answering Nike reserch problem. In light of this : (15 marks)
Explain the differences between qualitative and quantitative research.
Explain how qualitative research could be used in answering Nike problem. Give examples on qualitative research tools that could be used in the given case to support your answer.
Second Question: (35 marks- 300 words)
A Telecommunication company is thinking of developing its distribution channels; call centers and branches as a means of improving services to its customers. The development of this call center will cost one milliard of pounds. This calls for careful thinking and prior research before the approval of this investment proposal.
Explain the differences between primary data and secondary data. (15 marks)
Primary data could help in evaluating of the feasibility of this investment proposal, from the marketing perspective. Give examples on primary data collection tools that might help in this case and explain how this primary data could be used in this situation. (10 marks)
Suggest and justify the secondary data that could help in evaluating the feasibility of this investment proposal from the marketing perspective. (10 marks)

Third Question: (25 marks – 300 words)
Quantitative research is widely used in marketing studies, although it involves time and money to implement. Explain the differences among face- to- face interview methods, self- completion methods and telephone interviews in conducting quantitative researches. (15 marks)
Souq.com, an e-retailer is interested in a study to evaluate the effect of its social media advertisements on consumer awareness with its services and intention to buy its products.
Recommend the method(s) of data collection that most fits this case. You need to justify your choice. (10 marks)

Grades deduction for:
TMA Presentation: (up to 5 marks)
Up to 5 marks should be deducted for poor presentation or poor organization of the TMA outline and discussion or TMA presented without PT3.
Proper referencing: (up to 5 marks)
Referencing should be both in-text referencing, plus a list of references at the end using Harvard style. Up to 5 marks should be deducted for poor referencing.

Use of E-Library: (up to 5 marks)
A minimum use of 2 articles from AOU e-library is required to support the discussions. Up to 5 marks should be deducted for no use or poor use ofe-library.

Word count: (up to 5 marks)
The answers should be within the specified word count. A deviation of 10% is acceptable; if more, a deduction up to 5 marks will be applied.

Arab Open University Definitions of cheating and plagiarism
Plagiarism means copying from internet, from unreferenced sources, from other students’ TMAs or any other source. Penalties for plagiarism range from failure in the TMA or the course, to expulsion from the university.
According to the Arab Open University By-laws, “the following acts represent cases of cheating and plagiarism:
Verbatim copying of printed material and submitting them as part of TMAs without proper academic acknowledgement and documentation.
Verbatim copying of material from the Internet, including tables and graphics.
Copying other students’ notes or reports.
Using paid or unpaid material prepared for the student by individuals or firms.
Utilization of, or proceeding to utilize, contraband materials or devices in examinations.”

Penalty on plagiarism: The following is the standard plagiarism penalty applied across branches as per Article 11 of the university by-laws was revisited and modified to be more explicit with regard to plagiarism on TMAs. Penalties include the following:
Awarding of zero for a TMA wherein more than 20% of the content is plagiarized.
Documentation of warning in student record.
Failure in the course to dismissal from the University.
All University programs are required to apply penalties that are consistent with the University by laws.

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