How does desensitization manifest itself in human interaction?Discuss

Texts:Maggie Nelson,”Great to Watch” plus two of following texts: Robert Thurman “Wisdom” and “The power of context” Malcolm Gladwell. Please see the uploaded files to realize more detail.(a)Taking three essay as a whole and using specific quotations and examples from the texts, answer the following question: How does desensitization manifest itself in human interaction? (essay question)Avoid summary and/or comparing. contrasting.(b)The first paragraph must be introduction with a specific thesis at the end of the paragraph and also have three authors’ arguments. Moreover, you must have a topic sentence in each following body paragraph to support your thesis. The last but not least, please insert two quotations from the three required essays in one body paragraph(one must from Nelson, another is from Thurman or Gladwell.Then making a connection between two quotes. (c)This is a link for the book that including the required essays , please download them first then read.

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