Explore media representations of a particular land grab in the African context in relation to academic debates over the politics of land.

1) a description of your primary materials (eg press clippings, websites, brochures, films, reviews of an event/performance). There should be a rationale for why you have chosen the particular sources, what they reveal and their limitations. 2)There should be a review of relevant academic literatures on the topic your source relates to, against which to assess the representations/images you are analyzing. You should also show a knowledge of critical debates over representations of Africa.

Added on 21.04.2016 12:19
Eg. If you chose to cover media coverage of Somali pirates. You could select 3-4 news stories covering one incident. The essay would then include: a) a description and analysis of the stories you have collected (eg in which sort of newspaper/website, are there anticipated biases from these sources, what sort of story are they telling, are they reproducing stereotypes of African conflict or not?); a review of academic literature’s on the conflict in Somalia/Somali pirates.

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