Exporting Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain to China

This is the overall outline of number 1 to 13 but i only need you to do number 4.1. Executive summary(1/2page)2. Index3. Introduction4. The Product:• Overview of global market, producers, exporters, importers, etc…5. Destination Market• Current economic, commercial and financial climate/situation• Relationship with Spain• Relationship with the rest of the world• Tariffs or other relevant barriers to the export/import of the good6. The demand in the destination market7. Costs:Transportation,logistics,other…8. The supply in the destination market9. Commercialization issues10.SWOT analysis11. Conclusions12. Annexes13. BibliographyHowever, I only need number 4 which is The product. Should also include overview of global market, producers, exporters, importers, etc… Do not need to care about the others. I only need the product part. In this case, the product is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And is doing exporting from SPAIN to CHINA. Do research on the Overview of global market, producers, exporters and importers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any question.Thank you.

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