This is a Response Essay

Instructions from the Professor:OverviewFor this paper, you\’ll write a response to one of the articles you find in Seed, Wired, or The New Yorker. Start by offering a brief summary of the points made in the article. Discuss the article\’s thesis, the evidence they use to support it, the author\’s style, and the intended audience. Then, offer your own reactions to the article and reflections upon the topic being addressed.Be sure to use your critical thinking skills!Instructions1.Pick an article from Seed, Wired or The New Yorker2.At the beginning of your essay discuss the following:3.The article’s thesis statement4.The evidence used to support the thesis statement5.The author’s style6.The intended audience7.Now write your response to the article:8.Offer your own reactions to the article9.Reflect on the topic being addressed in the article10.Cite your original source at the end of your essayI chose the Article \”Letting go\”, by Atul Gawande published one The New Yorker webstie(below is the link to the article online The New Yorker)

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