“Female Sex Tourism.Discuss

This paper is designed to assess student comprehension and analysis of the key concepts, issues and challenges presented in the course. You will propose and analyze a topic which addresses some aspect of alternative tourism and justice (as discussed in class).

You may pick a general topic we have covered in class (e.g. “Female Sex Tourism”), but you must try to focus your analysis on a different region or population – one not discussed in class (e.g. in India). Or, try to discuss a different facet of a general tourism topic (e.g. “sex tourism” – gay male sex tourism in Thailand, “girlie-boys” in Thailand, child sex tourism in Brazil).


Whichever you choose, your essay must incorporate at least three readings from the course and three outside references (of these three, two must be academic journals).

Your essay should also include class discussion, media/films presented and current events (as they apply). To structure your paper, you must address each of the following sections in depth:

Your paper should include four sections:

1. An overview of the selected topic including:

data on prevalence (where is it occurring/how long has it been occurring/how many people involved) and demographics (who are the tourists and the “toured”)?
what are the issues at play? Why is this topic relevant to our class? What are the general controversies surrounding this type of tourism?
2. A discussion of the current body of academic research on the selected topic (literature review)

**minimum of three outside sources, two of which must be journal articles** and three readings from class (more is okay):*************

What does the literature say about the topic, including history, nature of the controversy, contributing factors etc.?
You must cite the authors from class and your own research here.
***Remember to analyze the economic, geographic, ethnic, political and environmental issues that may be contributing to the controversy surrounding this type of tourism*** use the literature, not your opinion here.

3. Whether your topic is considered to be problematic by some (e.g. Drug Tourism) or many (e.g. Child Sex Tourism), you must include a discussion of the current responses to address the problem, including governmental policies and/or non-governmental organizations. These can include information from websites such as “Tourism Concern” (http://www.tourismconcern.org.uk/index.php?page=home).

You are basically answering the question “what is being done about the ‘problem’ of this particular type of tourism”?

**Each of the topics in the course is controversial – so you should all address this section to some extent.**

4. A section focused on your ideas and thoughts on how governments, organizations and individuals can better address these problems (the problems discussed earlier), drawing on the knowledge and tools you have developed over the semester.

You must include a thoughtful discussion of what you think is going well, what could be improved, what you agree/disagree with regarding this topic.



This essay should be 6-8 pages, type-written and double-spaced, using 12 point font (ONLY Arial or Times New Roman) and 1” margins.

All papers must include a cover page with the following: your name, my name, the date and a title for the assignment (cover page is NOT to be counted toward your 6-8 pages).

Your name and page number should be included on all subsequent pages. Must be in APA format – look this up if you are unfamiliar with it. A useful website is the OWL at Purdue University site: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

Your essay must include a reference section of works cited (not part of the 6-8 page total).

**As stated throughout the course, spelling, grammar, syntax and clarity will be assessed in addition to content.


Remember to click on the Library Resources Link on our class page. Our designated librarian is available to help you find the academic resources you will need for this Final Research Paper.

Additional Resources

Academic Journals in Tourism:*
Annals of Tourism Research
The International Journal of Tourism Research
International Tourism Quarterly
Journal of Heritage Tourism
Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change
Tourist studies

*See also journals in sociology and anthropology – the ASU library contains a multitude of resources with online access.

I have attached 3 sources from the class and 1 lecture to be used. Please find 3 other outside sources, 2 of which should be journal articles.

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