You must address all headings in this Template
Title: Research Question or Research Statement

What do you want to find out/ examine or explore? What is the main question / statement you wish to answer/ explore?
Have you included a specific target population and location/ context in your research question / statement?
What are the key areas which will be addressed in this proposal?
Background and Rationale for the study
Have you read around your research topic?
Have you provided background information of important historical and contextual events/ research which informs the reader about why and how the research problem you are researching exists?
What other studies have been conducted and what is their relevance to your study?
Why is this secondary research important to your field of practice?
Where appropriate, have you evidenced the research problem with relevant statistical evidence supported by relevant literature sources?
Have you objectively justified the research using relevant literature sources?
Aim and Objectives of the Study

What is the aim of the study what do you want to achieve? (Identify one aim)
Does the aim of the study relate to your research question/ statement?
What are the objectives of the study?
Do the objectives listed address the chief aim of the study? (identify at least 3 objectives)
Literature Search Strategy

How will you conduct your literature search?
What search engines and academic/ professional data bases will be accessed?
What relevant key words will be used in the literature search?
Have you explained your literature search exclusion and inclusion criteria and justified it?
Ethics and anti-oppressive practice considerations
How you will address ethical and anti -oppressive issues relating to your research area and practice?
Project Outline

What will be in each section of the project?
Chapter 1: (Introduction, background/ rationale, literature search strategy, Ethics and Anti-oppressive practice considerations, project outline, etc.)
Chapter 2: Literature Review (Break down objectives to formulate thematic headings and subheadings in this chapter)
Chapter 3: Application of theory to practice through
An analysis of relevant theoretical model/s- case studies relating to study topic (Youth and Social Work students)
An analysis of relevant policies/legislation tackling health issue and critically assess outcomes based on literature. (2) An identified case study of service delivery via a justified organization/agency (3) identifying one specific programme/intervention within chosen organization/agency and critically assessing its strengths and weaknesses in relation to policies analyzed above. (All Health Students)
Chapter 4: Conclusions, recommendations and reflection
Summary of project, conclusion – Recommendations based on the secondary research
Reflection (A critical analysis and evaluation of what you have learnt conducting this project: ask yourself what happened, why, how and what if. What did you learn, what would you do differently next time etc.)

Project Timetable
When will your secondary research start and finish?
Have you identified specific targets/ actions for completion within specific time frames? (e.g. a table with two columns and list your targets/ actions and timeframes, i.e. specific dates. Consider time for supervision sessions and acting on feedback)

Have you provided a comprehensive reference list of all cited literature sources?

Assessment Marking Criteria (This is not the proposal Template)
The Project Proposal will be marked based on the following Assessment Criteria:

A manageable research question /statement, with an introduction and a clear aim and objectives ( 15 %)
-Presents a manageable, researchable question / Statement with a specific target population and context e.g. possibly a specific borough/city/country must focus on an important health/ social work/ youth work issue
Describes other specific study parameters
Presents a comprehensive introduction
Presents a clear aim
Presents at least 3 clear objectives

Background and Rationale ( 25%)
Full marks are awarded when proposal
Presents a relevant and appropriate background supported by relevant literature
Presents a clear and objective justification / rationale for carrying out study supported by relevant literature
Provides and analyses relevant underpinning evidence and statistical information supported by relevant literature

Literature Search Strategy ( 15%)
Full marks are awarded when proposal
There is strong evidence of critical analysis of relevant academic literature
Includes a clearly constructed literature search strategy as required
Includes specific search engines and databases searched
Includes specific keywords used
Presents a justified inclusion and exclusion criteria employed in the search for the academic literature
Most current evidence is abstracted and used or justification provided for classic information articles
Relevant academic literature is cited to support discussion

Ethical and anti-oppressive practice considerations (15%)
Full marks are awarded when proposal
There is a comprehensive discussion which identifies key ethical and anti-oppression considerations relating to the study area and practice, and how these will be addressed
Discussion is supported by relevant literature

Project Outline (10%)
Full marks are awarded when proposal
There is a clearly written outline detailing the project to be executed
There are envisaged project contents- number of chapters and potential contents of each chapter
There is evidence of independent thinking

Project timetable ( 5 %)
Full marks are awarded when proposal
There is a clearly written project time table with specific detailed targets/ actions for completion within specified time frames dates
Time table is realistic and practical

Technical presentation, ability to present work in a coherent and academic manner with a bibliography section ( 15%)
Full marks are awarded when proposal
Work presented is coherent and well-structured with appropriate paragraphs and headings to sign post the reader
There are appropriate in-text citations of all academic sources used
There is a clear and nicely structured bibliography section
Student used the Harvard Referencing Style through out.
There is good punctuation and spelling
Student observes all other appropriate and relevant academic writing conventions

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