Film paper

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For this course, you must either write a term paper or make a short film. Details for each are below.


OPTION 1 – Term Paper


Term paper topics are due: Tuesday, February 5

Term papers are due: Tuesday, April 2


Length: 8-12 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman, MLA format


Your task is to develop a unique thesis statement that you are trying to prove regarding your film choice – e.g. do not include a statement of fact or opinion as your thesis.


For example, do not say: For my paper, I will analyze Citizen Kane.


Your paper will be stronger if your thesis reads like this:

In Citizen Kane, Orson Welles uses a variety of motifs to illustrate the film’s overall theme of loss.


Your support for your thesis would come from Rosebud; being taken away from parents at a young age; loss of two wives, etc.


DO NOT WRITE IN THE FIRST PERSON – this weakens your writing style.


Another example:

Alfred Hitchcock uses motifs of water, mirrors and birds to illustrate the instability of his characters in Psycho.


Supporting evidence comes from water in the shower scene; it’s raining when Marion arrives at the infamous Bates Motel; Norman disposes of Marion’s car in a swamp; Marion’s reflection is shown in the rearview mirror as she’s driving away, having stolen the money; Marion’s last name is “Crane” etc.


If you are relating a paper to a specific genre, define the genre for me and go onto explain why it fits into that genre.


If you focus on a particular director, tell me about the similar elements in their films. For example, the late Robert Altman used overlapping dialogue, large ensemble casts, and improvisation to create his films and you could cite A Prairie Home Companion, Nashville, etc.


OPTION 2 – Make a short film


Requirements: Must be five minutes minimum in length. If you work in pairs or teams, it must be five minutes per person – e.g. two people = 10 minute film

You must also be prepared to show this film in class on April 2 and lead a brief discussion on it – e.g. what did you learn from the process? What was your inspiration? Etc.


I also need a copy of it to grade.


YOUR CHOICE, but I need to know by FEBRUARY 5 what you plan to do. Thank you!