literature review risk management plan in logistics.

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This is a literature review of the project dissertation


The project is about devising a risk management plan for logistics for a hardware company which produces values and pipes among others.


The literature review should be of about 3500-4000 words


It should be my critical analysis of the current risk management theories and what I think is better or what is not and finally how and what theory I think is best for my project. Its like comparing and contrasting the theories and critically evaluating them. I already gathered a couple of references. I am attaching them along with an intro and my objectives of the project. The literature review should be MY VIEW on the current research in Risk management in logistics. And when ever their is a statement like “THE AUTHOR THINKS” or “FINDINGS INDICATE THAT” what are those findings and why the author thinks like that should be mentioned. Their should be a proper title and headings like 1.Introduction 1.1,1.2,1.3 conclusion and Harvard style referencing  and for figures the source should be mentioned below the figure. When ever a research is being talked about  evidence must be provided to substitute the claims of the author. Like what surveys did they do? How ? And what results the got? And then talk about what they claim and critically evaluate the above research what do you think ? Do you think it is the right approach and if so why?. I should compare and contrast the different theories I talk about above and reach a conclusion as to what method is better and what is not and why? In general perspective.


Then I should talk about what I think is better for my project and what is not and why. And how I will be using that in my project to get what result. It should be my view and in my perspective.


Below is how the format of the paper should be.


1. General intro very short about risk. (200-250 words)


2. What are the limitations and what is wrong about the methods  and the research being done. ( 1000 words) should contain references some of the references I attached.


3. Critically evaluate what is the wrong or correct with the above research with measuring the results. And whether the research was accurate.( 2000 words)


4. How this research is helpful or not to my future work  and what methods I will be using in my project. (500-750 words)


5. Finally conclude summarizing all of the above.(200 words)


6. Should be about 15 pages. With Harvard referencing and citations . Roughly 4000 words.


7. Can put diagrams or data from research papers but should cite them.