Final Social Work Practice IV


Briefly review the following clinical concepts discussed in class: (1) self-disclosure, (2) secondary trauma, and (3) countertransference. Discuss your understanding of two of these concepts by providing two relevant case illustrations of your work with an individual, family, or group client.


Review three (3) readings related to termination.
a. Summarize the readings and apply them to a client (individual, family or group). What do you consider to be the most important aspect in the termination process for your client? What role does the agency assume in this termination process? What could the agency do to make this a better experience for the client?
b. Discuss the impact of termination on you in relation to your clients, the agency and to the school. Be specific and incorporate relevant literature.

Briefly discuss the concept of evidence-based practice. Identify three (3) recent empirical research studies that address an evidence-based practice issue related to the population in your current or past year’s agency. The studies can be either quantitative or qualitative, but must focus on specific research questions or hypotheses, and not on clinical practice literature. Discuss your impressions of the strengths and limitations of the studies. How do these studies impact on your
way of thinking about working with your clients or working in your agency? Are there any disparities between the way your agency works with this client population and the results of these studies? How would you recommend the staff of your agency use the results of these studies in working with clients? What, if any, further research on the topic of these studies would you recommend?