Operations Management

In this assignment describe and analyse a production system (service or manufacturing based) with which you are familiar, for example: a shop, restaurant, transport system, doctor’s surgery are possible examples. Your tutor will give some guidance on your choice of organisation/case study. Your assignment should address the following questions:

  1. How well are the inventories and assets of the organisation managed
  2. Evaluate the importance of supply chain management to the organisation and 
illustrate in diagrammatic form.
  3. From the illustration, in point two indicate where the organisation’s delivery system 
may fail to align between its performance objectives and clearly demonstrating your 
understanding behind this reasoning.
  4. Discuss how the lean approach could be utilised in your organisation.
  5. Draw key conclusion from your work discussing the extent to which an organisation 
has achieved alignment between its performance objectives and the configuration of its operational process.