Financial well-being of the elderly after retirement between Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom.

Dear writer,
this my essay, Please add about 400 word to edit it.
these my supervisor’s notes:
* be more critical (important point- master degree)

1-we need for a good background about the retired population in UK and Saudi Arabia, and give percentage and compare between them how are more than the other.
2- give public policy and the rules relating to financial well-being after retirement,and the rule for retirement age. Also be critical and mention about pension salary in government and private institutions and compare between them critically.
3 the role played by families and society and government in both countries.
4- there are some mistakes in referencing.
5- and health care services support financial well-being after retirement and how that relating o financial well- being of the elderly after retirement.
Thanks in advance please do your best as soon as possible.

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