fire influence on plant composition

Instruction & Requirements:
So i have wrote this paper about how fire influences plant composition and community composition. but there are some comments from the Proff that need s to be addressed so please look over the comments and try to edit the paper accordingly

Please read the comments below and address them in rewriting.

You have done some good research, got a useful set of papers together and structured your essay sensibly. You clearly know what sort of things you should be writing about and are appropriately placing emphasis on how different characteristics of fire may influence different aspects of the plant community.

However, your explanations are rather unclear. In most places I know what you are trying to say, in a few I\’m not at all sure. I\’m not sure know what the problem is. Is it that you arent really understanding some of what you are reading so that when you come to write about it you cant explain it clearly. Or is it difficulty of constructing an essay in english. Or did you just really rush it? Unless it is the latter, I think you may need a bit of help with this. Would you like to chat about it?

Something to aim for is to give a better \”picture\” of the effects that you are writing about by giving brief examples which illustrate and provide evidence for the statements you are making.

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