The Open Boat and The Signal

Please write a Thesis and the strategy that was used to develop the Thesis in 2 to 3 sentences and an Outline to develop an Essay. The Instructions as followed:
Topic for this Paper Thesis: How do two short stories help the reader to understand a common theme? By writing this paper, you will answer this question and demonstrate the following skills for writing and literature:
Analyze literature for a purpose
Distinguish digital or print materials through annotation in order to demonstrate reading and summary skills
Identify a common theme in two short stories
Identify one to three examples from each story to support the theme
Write a thesis statement that clearly identifies the titles of the stories, their authors, the theme, and what the paper will discuss about the stories and the theme
Write clear topic sentences for paragraphs that inform the reader what the paragraph will discuss
Develop paragraphs that explain how the examples from the stories support the topic sentence of the paragraph
Organize a comparison and contrast paper by presenting paragraphs in a logical and interesting fashion using one of two methods for comparison and contrast: story-by-story or idea-by-idea
Write sentences in standard American English that clearly express ideas

In this Thesis, you will be building two stories by considering and analyzing both stories. You will be developing a comparison/contrast paper that focuses on bringing in appropriate material. Your thesis statement should include the stories and the theme. The theme of both stories will be: Courage.
After reviewing the above materials, develop a thesis and outline for this Paper. You will include two short stories.
identifying a second story
clearly stating the theme
summarizing the story
noting comparison and contrast within the stories to develop a comparison and contrast (how the two come together to develop the theme)
identifying the theme is demonstrated in both stories
doing additional brainstorming as needed
writing up a thesis that demonstrates your point of view on the theme and the short stories
producing an outline

The two stories that was chosen and the theme Courage. Write the thesis. The thesis should reflect that you are comparing the two stories for something. Then, make an outline of your paper.

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