first paper,Influence on Health Care ans 2nd paper,Final Business Plan

I have ordered two different paper and the information is both provided here, so here is the instructions for the first paper which should be about one page.
first paper,
Influence on Health Care ( one page)
discuss which law you believe has had the most influence on health care in the past 10 years: 1)Balanced Budget Act, 2) OBRA, 3) HIPAA, 4) another.
•Please give reasons in your discussion.
•Back your opinions/statements with references from your readings
grading critic
Paper discusses various laws
Paper states reasons
Paper argues opinions with facts
Paper cites references if/when appropriate
Paper exhibits correct and appropriate grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, and word usage

second paper. (100 point)

Final Business Plan (3pages)

SCENARIO: You are the marketing director of a large MCO that is new to a large metropolitan area. Your boss wants you to segment the local market by size of company: small, medium, and large, then to create a package of services to offer each market segment.
1.For each market segment, write a business plan regarding the services you would offer that market segment. Include how those services would be organized. You may assume anything you want about the metropolitan area, such as whether it has PPOs, HMOs, IPAs, and so forth. Incorporate your assumptions into your marketing plan. i.Be sure to include such things as what payment systems would be implemented (fee-for-service? capitation? deduction? and so forth).
ii.How would you incorporate inpatient and outpatient services? How would you handle mental health services?

2.Each business plan would be about 1.5pages in length. Double space and use 1 inch margins all around in 12 point Times New Roman font.
3.Use headers freely to help outline your various recommendations for structure and content
4.There is no one correct answer to this. Your task is to demonstrate through this assignment that you understand the structure and internal operations of MCOs as presented in the text, particularly in Chapter 5.
5.When writing, consider these questions: i.What might a large MCO in a large market look like?
ii.What sort of financial structure would it have?
iii.What would be the physician relations and so forth?
iv.Use the text as a guide as to other factors that should be included in your business plan. Details are good here.

6.Consider the reader in how you structure your business plan. Do not write paragraphs that are 50 lines long. Break up your content into paragraphs that reflect changes in topic or thought. As stated above, use headers freely. Proper grammar is important. Proof read your assignment for spelling and grammar before you submit it.

This paper is worth 100 points

Paper writes business plan addressing each market segment

Paper addresses payment systems

Paper addresses inpatient services

Paper addresses outpatient services

Paper addresses mental health services

Paper considers financial structure

Paper cites references if/when appropriate

Paper includes 1.5 pages per plan

Paper exhibits correct and appropriate grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, and word usage

Paper is on time

this paper is due by sunday the 24th by 11pm I ordere it for 4 to 6 day so the latest it should be here is Saturday the 23 to give me time for revision. thk you

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