Problem Solving Part 4 – Modes of Thinking 15 – 21

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Problem Solving Part 4 – Modes of Thinking 15 – 21

This week’s assignment will incorporate modes of thinking 15-21. Using the format below, further explore your product/invention. Please see the example below for further guidance.
1.Purpose: What is the purpose of your invention? ?Describe purpose using deductive reasoning.
?Describe purpose using inductive reasoning.

2.What are the implications of your invention if it is successful, if it fails? ?Describe how your invention could impact you, your family, your culture, and your country.

3.Using the doubting game and the believing game illustrate a different point of view.
4.How is this different than your point of view?
5.Using automatic and reversal thinking modes what assumptions can be made about your invention?
6.Reflection: Write a short summary on what have you gained from the 21 modes of thinking?

Product/Idea: A talking night light…
1.Purpose: The purpose of the “talking night light” is to have bedtime stories or other information material to read aloud while the night light is on. The brain is able to collect environmental information as we are sleeping. The talking night light could be both soothing and educational! ?Deductive reasoning is… 1.If we have to have a night light on and our brain still senses its environment;
2.The room is lit;
3.The talking night light is feeding us information as we sleep;

2.To the conclusion: Using a talking night light will make us smarter and light up the dark! ?Inductive reasoning is… 1.All night lights I have at home play music
2.To the conclusion: All night lights play music

3.Implications: If my invention is successful children can be soothed to sleep just as if I were reading them a book. Children’s rooms will stay lit during the night so they will not be afraid. Adults will be able to use the night light as well instead of having the tv on all night. All people who use this product will become smarter if they load the night light with informational material: course textbooks, novels, the Bible, etc. ?Implications if my invention does not work are the following: children will be afraid when the wake up in the middle of the night. The night light could cause nightmares. The night light could cause people to not get a good night’s sleep.
?Me: The talking night light could improve my knowledge base.
?Family: My son could sleep in his own room.
?Culture: This could encourage parents to take televisions out of their small children’s rooms.
?Country: We could become a smarter society.

4.Doubting game: Find as many errors in your project as possible ?Other night light manufacturers will say that the talking night light decreases quality of sleep.
?The night light could be a fire hazard.
?The night light…
?The night light could teach a second language while we sleep.
?The night light could improve quality of sleep
?The night light could…

5.From my point of view the night light is a valuable tool adults and children can benefit from. The night light could serve as an educational tool that other societies do not have. And so on….
6.Automatic thinking is… Reversal thinking is… ?An example of an assumption using automatic thinking is…
?An example of a reversed assumption is…

7.During the last 3 weeks I have learned there are many modes of thinking I use in my daily life. This series of assignments has taught me that I need to improve a, b, and c types of thinking. However, I now realize that I have a mastered a, b, and c modes of thinking. An example of this is ….