Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

The writer must read the novel (Frankenstein) before!! i will ask some questions to make sure u read it! Must be original, similarity need to under 10%.

-active voice, at least 3 full pages
-works cited(1-2),
-at least 1 source beyond text
-and the essay must answer the following questions:

1. how is Frankenstein an example of romantic literature?
#super natural
#quest for glory
2. to whom does the monster compare himself?why?
#Satin(Paradise lost)
3. discuss the role of sickness in the novel
#another explanation for his reoccuring illness
4. who’s sins are greater? Frankenstein’s or creater’s?
5. what biblical references does shelley allude to throughout the novel
6. Shelley makes reference to few mothers throughout the novel–as there are many missing or deceased. discuss the importance of this feature as it relates to the novel

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