God’s Grandeur analysis essay

Write A complete Analysis of the Sonnet God’s Grandeur by Gerald Manley Hopkins.
Include the literal meaning, figurative devices,sound devices,imagery and how the structure relates to the meaning. You may include your personal reaction in the conclusion.

1)      Is  there a general  introduction that names the purpose of the essay?

IS the title quoted?

Is the pot named?

2)      Does the paper explain the vocabulary of the poem?

3)      Does the essay explain the literal meaning?

4)      Does the essay explain the figurative devices used in the poem?

5)      Does the essay explain the sound devices used in the poem?

6)      Does the essay explain the imagery in the poem?

7)      Is all the information arranged in proper sentences and paragraphs?

8)      All words from poem “quoted” with the line numbers in () are indentified in the text.

9)      Sources identified

10)   Brief conclusion that gives the reaction to the poem

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