gravity tractor

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This article gives an overview of the possibility of using a gravity tractor to prevent asteroids from hitting the earth. The majority of the movie producers embrace the idea that a huge spacecraft could use its gravity to keep an asteroid from hitting the earth. This could happen in a setup where the asteroid is navigating towards the earth. If a collision happens to the planet, it could lead to death of lots of people.  In the movies, a hero comes up with the plan to destroy or divert the asteroid, but in a real life, the scientists have come up with a reasonable plan that could work if the situation arises.  Two NASA scientists and astronauts say that if this situation arises, a spacecraft (gravitational tractor), could be useful in zooming up the threatening asteroid, consequently leading to its stop at a short distance away. The tractor could use its gravity to thug the asteroid, hence preventing a major damage that could have arisen because of the asteroid. The space tractor is ideal because it could bind to the asteroid, stopping it from spinning.

The article discusses the topic in a sound scientific way. This is because it gives a hypothesis put forward by the NASA scientists and astronauts on a possible way to solve the asteroid situation in the event that it occurs. Asteroids exist and have the possibility to follow the earth’s path, because they spin.  One of the ways to improve this article is to include some information on other ways of preventing the asteroid impact.  This is in addition to providing information, whether the gravity- tractor asteroid mover is already in the space.  Furthermore, it is tricky that the spacecraft has to arrive at the earthbound asteroid about 20 years before the asteroid hits the earth. More information is vital on how the spacecraft theory is realistic.

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