Hearing “Sonny’s Blues”: by Lillian Hawkins

Words: 252
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

What to do:
Write an essay of a minimum of 750 words in which you assess: a literary technique, a character, a situation, a relationship, a cultural or gender trait, or a generational issue in one of the three stories you read. You may explore:

a technique the author uses, such as voice/speaker in “Sonny’s Blues”
a motivational/character issue, such as, what caused Sonny’s behavior,
a situational issue, such as, what brought about the change in Sonny’s bother
a relationship issue, such as, Amy Tan describes in “A Pair of Tickets”
a cultural issue, such as, the process of June May’s accepting and embracing her heritage and identity
You have much more freedom to choose your approach here. Enjoy it, and select an issue or topic you wish to explore and assess.


Explore the topic with me and at least one of your peers through e-mail
Do a free writing and a web or an outline or whatever kind of representation of plans you prefer.
Decide on the main point you wish to make and what you will write to support it.

Write a Draft:
Write an introduction that :

name work and author
indicates your approach
states thesis

Write body paragraphs that:

have clear points: explicit or clearly implicit topic sentences
relate back to thesis supporting and developing it
have relevant, appropriate, logically-developed supporting details
include supporting quotes from the text (at least one per paragraph)

Write a conclusion that:

sums up

show significance of analysis